Ritual Changes

Certain rituals and magic items are either altered or unavailable on Athas:

  • Rituals that create precipitation or fog only function in certain areas of Athas, while rituals that create wind pose the hazard of creating a sandstorm. Weather altering magic items are also extremely rare and cannot be bought.
  • Divination rituals are risky, as there are no gods or benevolent, extraplanar beings to contact. Instead, these rituals contact the malicious and fickle inhabitants of the Elemental Chaos or the Gray.
  • Rituals that create food and/or water are not known to exist on Athas. Magic items that have similar effects (endless canteen, everlasting provisions) are extremely rare and cannot be bought.
  • Some rituals that use the Nature skill may be more difficult to perform in areas affected by defiling magic.
  • Rituals dealing with planar travel are difficult to perform and to obtain, and cannot be bought as other rituals.
  • Rituals that use the Religion skill do not exist on Athas and our banned from play. Divine items are extremely rare, cannot be bought, and are only found in the most ancient of Athas’ ruins.
  • Rituals that deal with teleportation circles are rare, and the few circles known to exist are controlled by the sorcerer-kings. These rituals cannot be bought.
  • Items related to creatures that do not exist on Athas – such as items relating to aquatic humanoids – likewise, do no exist.
  • Items composed wholly or partially of metal are scarce and, in some cases, do not exist.
  • Potions do no exist on Athas, but fruit perform an identical function. Similarly, the Brew Potion ritual still exists, but is more herbalistic in nature, creating nurturing salves and the like from scarce fruit and plants. Because these things are hard to find, the component cost for the ritual may rise depending on what area of Athas you are in.
  • The “enchant magic item” ritual does not exist, to the knowledge of the public at large, which is fine enough as they generally despise the arcane arts. Rumors suggest that the Sorcer-Kings and the Veiled Alliance may have copies in their possesion, and perhaps are competing to find more, but this is just heresay. The ritual cannot be bought. In its place are the following three rituals: “Implore Sorcerer-King’s Favor,” “Invoke Elemental Boon,” and “Grandmaster Training”. These rituals function as the Enchant Magic Item ritual does, but supply intangible bonuses rather than magic items. To gain a Sorcer-King’s favor one must go to his city, worship at his temple or palace, and most likely peform a task (this is generally a ritual performed by one of the Sorcerer-King’s templars. You can find more information on each city-state’s templerate in the article on Sorcer-King Pact Warlocks published in dragon). To gain an Elemental Boon, a nature check is required for the ritual. The ritual is more likely to succeed in a place of that element’s power (a volcano for a boon of fire, for example). The elemental spirits may or may not require a task, such as protecting or reclaiming one of Athas’s few wild places, or cleansing one already defiled. To gain Grandmaster Training, one must seek such a master – they can be found within the Veiled Alliance for preservers, amongst the Templars for defilers, in the arena or amongst the military for martial characters, guarding what’s left of Athas’s verdant wilds for primal characters, or in mountain monasteries or city-state academies for psionic characters. After a character has proved themselves worthy, they will be allowed to train under the master’s tutelage. Also, gaining glory by fighting in the arena can provide boons for a character as well.

  • Ritual Changes

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