Renown Points

Renown Points

Over the parties time in Arthas they will make allies and enemies. They can in some cases earn Renown with certain NPCs/Factions/Cities and so on. This renown can be earned and lost in a number of different ways. These can be situations like grand arena battles, simple messaging services or even such things as assassinating/discredit/devalue a merchant and so on.

Renown points work in a way similar to gold but only work for the NPC/Faction etc that they are designated to. They can be used to get items for rituals that the PCs might not be able to find, get a contact higher up in a house and so on.

Renown also has a passive bonus/penalty such as people might be more welcoming and lower prices, or refuse service and so on.

As players earn Renown in some cases (ie for certain houses) they might loose Renown with a competitor (such as a waring house). So the PCs might become popular with certain people but in doing so are treated less favorably by their enemies.

PCs are required to keep a track of this but the GM will also try to keep track as well incase of any confusion.

I will try to use this Renown so not to only hand out gold as a reward and the PCs having lots of gold with nothing to spent it on.

Renown Points

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