Dark Sun: Seared to the bone

The Devastation of a Dragon

Just a bare-bones writeup this time, haven’t had time to do anything else.

It’s the 29th of the month. Mik, Naivara and Ku-ki’cha lose track of the others. After wandering through the desert they retrace their steps and pick up the trail which leads to a rocky outcropping where Althaea and Maro are resting. As they do so they notice a lone female figure running towards their hiding place. This is Gwen – a human girl, 5’ tall, carrying a raven on her arm. She is being pursued by a small tembo which catches up with her in the rocks. The party engage it and it is killed. Gwen’s character is rather impudent – offers to polish Mik’s head and addresses K as ‘grasshopper’.

After a hard journey they reach the road. There is a wagon there out of which an old man is operating a shop – charging outrageous prices for unimpressive goods (100sp for a small piece of stale bread). Althaea tries to bargain for food with the location of a ‘river’, without success. Proceedings interrupted by a dragon swooping down and devouring the merchant, wagon and all – the party wisely take cover in nearby dunes.

It’s the 33rd of the month. Nearest settlement is Silver Springs so they go there. The place looks damaged. Maro and Gwen go first, followed by the others. K notices House Tsalaxa flags flying alongside those bearing the Silver Hand insignia. He also notices some guards are not wearing Silver Hand badges. As they are about to enter the town proper, Mik cuts off Naivara’s hair, but is seen by town guards who arrest her and begin to escort her away. They prevent the party from following. Althaea forces a way through by grabbing one guard’s balls, but is KO’d by another. Naivara fey steps to a roof, but unfortunately it’s an open roof and she falls to the ground. K asks about the unmarked guards and is told they are auxiliaries recruited in the wake of recent dragon attacks. K tries to leap past the guards blocking the street but is grabbed and pulled back, then arrested. He surrenders peaceably. Naivara meanwhile survives her fall, then buys some different clothes and affects a limp, attempting to disguise self as old woman. Althaea is questioned by Toramund who is seeking information on Naivara’s whereabouts. She does not tell him anything useful and is put back in the cells, but uses her wiles to persuade a guard to leave the door unlocked, and escapes. Shortly after K is questioned by the elf lord; he answers truthfully that the last time he saw N she was being taken away. T reveals he has an arrangement with House Tsalaxas that he will hand N over to them (to be returned to her parents). Toramund orders K to be given his possessions back and escorted out of the town.

Naivara attracts Mik’s attention by telepathy. Meanwhile, in a bar, Gwen attracts attention by moving a glass, using magic. “Do you want to see a trick?” Someone yells “Defiler!”, guards arrive and chase Gwen and some random citizen. Gwen evades them by changing clothes. K receives a message from Naivara telling him to wait for her in the hills. Dusk is falling. K is put outside the gates and is joined by Althaea, Maro and Gwen. N approaches the gates and one guard walks towards her, then breaks into a run. N fey steps through the town wall and is pursued by three guards, followed by Mik. After a while they give up pursuit and the group make camp in the hills. Althaea and the others have stocked up on supplies and water.

The camp is attacked by cylops – giant centipedes. They can daze and immobilise opponents. After a battle the party dine on centipede.


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