Vault of Darom Madar

There is bitter and often bloody rivalry between the great merchant houses plying their trades within the vast city states of the Tyr region. The often unscrupulous members of these hereditary merchant consortiums sell anything and everything from food, water, and other survival essentials to humanoid slaves fit for serving in a noble estate or fighting and dying in the arena.

Occasionally, two merchant houses become successful and wealthy selling the same goods. This usually leads to a bloody war between houses for control of the commodity in question. So it was centuries ago with houses Madar and Tsalaxa. Both houses controlled the majority of the livestock trade in the Tablelands, where they dealt in the finest specimens of erdlu, kank, and mekillot. House Madar, led by the clever and even-tempered Darom Madar, was content to share the marketplace with their primary competitor. Virinus Tsalaxa, a twisted defiler and elder of House Tsalaxa, was not about to share the wealth with anyone.

Determined to control the livestock trade absolutely, House Tsalaxa used a large portion of its considerable wealth to hire skilled assassins. House Madar was completely unprepared for such aggres- sion, and by the time it managed to organize even a semblance of defense, half their number had been methodically exterminated. By destroying House Madar, Virinus Tsalaxa eliminated his sole competition in the livestock trade. He hoped to go beyond that and gain control of House Madar’s considerable wealth.

Even though Darom Madar could not prevent Virinus from accomplishing his first goal, the leader of House Madar was dead set on preventing his villainous rival from accomplishing the second.
Mobilizing what remained of his house, Darom Madar had every bit of material wealth taken from the Madar Estate and hidden in a deep vault in the Canyon of Gothay. Soon after, Tsalaxa assassins killed Darom Madar and everyone else of his house, and his line ended. Knowledge of the secret treasure vault’s location in the Canyon of Gothay died with House Madar and has remained a secret over the centuries … until now, that is.

Vault of Darom Madar

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