Races of the Dark Sun

Races of Athas

“Until you learn otherwise, it’s best to assume that everyone you meet intends to rob you, enslave you, or eat you.”

-Zandar, mul mercenary

Savage, exotic, and unforgiving, the world of Athas is unique. This harsh environment has given birth to a number of new peoples and monsters, including two character races: muls, an incredibly tough race of half-dwarves, and the mantislike thri-kreen, a swift and deadly insectile race.

Many of the more familiar races of the Dungeons & Dragons game roam the wastes of Athas. However, these beings have adapted over the centuries to their brutal home and bear little resemblance to their counterparts on other worlds. For example, the elves of Athas aren’t flighty forest dwellers who dance in the starlight and celebrate the living world around them. Athas has few forests to speak of, and its elves are thieving nomads and raiders who wander the deserts and wastes. Similarly, halflings aren’t good-natured riverfolk known for their amiability and pluck. They’re fierce savages and headhunters, primal warriors who are notorious for indulging in cannibalism. Other races have similar variations from their expected roles.

Many different kinds of intelligent creatures populate Athas, and the streets of the city-states are crowded with folk of a dozen kindreds: humans, dwarves, genasi, elves, goliaths, muls, shifters, tareks, tieflings, thri-kreen, and more. The typical city dweller rarely gives a second glance to fantastic or monstrous individuals as long as they seem willing to trade or talk instead of fight and they don’t act in a threatening manner.

Mul Thri-kreen Dragonborn Dwarf Eladrin Elf
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Races of the Dark Sun

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