The City State of Tyr is in unrest after the supposed demised of Kalak, the late sorcerer-king, and his previous head of templars has taken his place. A small trading house known as “House Wavir”, know for trading in ceramics amongst other trade goods, is sending a caravan to get some goods out of harms way.
This caravan is set on a path to a small but well known town called Altaruk, which is on the trade road between Tyr and Balic. Hiding among these goods is some silver jewelry which belongs to the houses’ head in Altaruk, Rhotan Vor. There are two caravans in total and they have a small guard, so to make best haste and attract little attention.

Their journey to Altaruk was not the easiest. The weather was unusually hot and there had been a number of raids on their caravan. A day and a half out a sandstorm began to blow, which reduced the visibility to almost nothing. One caravans began to veer off course, unknown to the other, and was not seen again for the rest of the night. Arriving in Altaruk the other caravan informed the guard and the governor of the town. They knew of raiders that had been operated in the north.
Meanwhile some other travellers had come to town in the sandstorm. As they came in they were questioned upon their reason for being here. The guards let them in but took note that they had come from a northernly direction and informed the governor.

Putting two and two together the governor instantly decided in his mind that these travellers were suspects, and possible connections to the raiders. The governor then released the drivers of the caravan to let them tell House Wavir what had happened and was awaiting their response.
The caravan later informed Rhotan who seemed infuriated at first, but after a meeting with the Governor of the town about the situation decided he would take another course of action.

His idea was to bring them in as before, however to his house and he would see if the travellers would accept an offer to search for the lost caravan for him. If they refused he would let them go with the guards to the governor and he would have his way with them, either by the games or simple banishment into the wilderness with no provisions.


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