Party Treasure

Treasure from 29/10/10 (following rescue of caravan prisoners)
100gp fire opal
20gp in ancient gold coins
Desert clothing, filter mask
1 survival day
Giant-hair ropes
Caracel (given to goliath)
Gauntlet axe (given to goliath)
Bone sword
Plain silver amulet

Treasure from 29/10/10 (following battle at small oasis with bandits)
2 potion fruits of healing
1 survival day

Treasure from 26/11/10 (following ambush by bandits on way to Silver Springs)
6 x obsidian shortswords
3 bows and 50 arrows (of which Althaea has taken 20)
Crodlu rider’s spellbook
Statuette of Corellion (pre-sorcerer king era deity)

Canyon of Gothay (after battle in cavern with undead)
60 gp
Orium pendant inscribed with curious marks
Small metal child’s bracelet (estimated worth 100gp)
Signet rings from Houses Tsalaxas and Madar (worthless, Althaea has one of each)

Great Dust Devil Tarek raiders

Face of Stone Hejkin chief
100gp and 2 100gp gems

Crown Wyrm chamber:
3245 silver pieces
Silver greataxe, intricately carved
Armour of Sudden Recovery (held by Althaea)

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Party Treasure

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