House Wavir

The largest of Balic’s houses, Wavir maintains emporiums in all the cities of the Tyr Region. Wavir is unusual among the major merchant houses because it refuses to engage in slavery. All who work for Wavir are free, and the house hires exceptional agents to protect its interests throughout the Tyr Region. This house has good relations with the reigning government of Tyr.


A silver crodlu.

Trade Goods

Grain, ceramics, precious metals, hardwood, gems, and exotic animals.


Rhotan Vor, Head of the Wavir Tradepost in Altaruk


Holdings in all 7 cities. Ft. Glamis, Ft. Thetis, Outpost Ten, Outpost 19.



Specialty Goods and Routes

Every imaginable commodity.

Treatment of Employees

Priests, especially water priests. Preservers & psions employed frequently. No defilers or slaves. Generous incentives to persuade agents & freelance adventurers to join.

Caravan Complement, Village & City, Emporiums & Outposts

Well‐guarded caravans: Elf mercenaries & crodlu or kank‐riding scouts. Lightly armed archers accompany the wagons & pack Inix. Typical: 25 elven scouts, 12 riders, 25.
Sometimes head of houses take our small groups for more discrete purposes.

House Wavir

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