House Tsalaxa

Tsalaxa is the largest and most powerful merchant house operating out of Draj. Reviled by other merchant houses, Tsalaxa doesn’t let bad publicity interfere with its business. Ydris Tsalaxa, the house patriarch, runs his operations from a walled villa just outside the city-state in the Fields of Plenty. Lax guards patrol the grounds, but their boredom is not an invitation for skullduggery. The estate has magic wards, myriad traps, and hidden guardians all designed to make short work of enterprising thieves. House Tsalaxa is known for blackmail, espionage, and assassination.


Two glaring, bestial eyes

Trade Goods

Rope, grain, and “recovered” stolen cargo.


Draj, Ft. Ebon, Ft. Kalvis, Rumishʹs Rock, Ablath, Several northern villages.


1,500 warriors, no slaves.

Specialty Goods and Routes

Exporting Draji hemp and grain. Artwork, ornate weapons, slaves. Contraband dealings. Villages along Urik‐Raam‐Draj route.

Treatment of Employees

Opportunities for spies and assassins. When Hirelings learn secrets, they are usually offered permanent employment ‐‐ or killed. Hire braxat, gith, love those with psionic skills.

Caravan Complement, Village & City, Emporiums & Outposts

12+crodlu riders, followed by 5‐10 open wagons (light: 5000‐10,000). Rarely uses armored caravans. If slaves there, they walk in a coffle w/ overseers. Distrust most mages, prefer psions.

Diplomacy & Tactics

Blackmail, kidnapping, assassination, military harassment through mercenary raiding tribes. Cordial relations with Sorcerer kings. Openly exterminates small houses. Acts more stealthily against larger houses. Many illicit dealings. Monopolistic economic tricks. Not trusted (see Dune Trader).


Tsalaxa’s history is ancient and complex. The house boasts that it was founded 500 years ago by a powerful wizard and his loyal half‐giant followers. After a long series of trials which pitted it against the likes of sorcerer‐ monarchs and rival trade houses, Tsalaxa triumphed in becoming the prosperous merchant dynasty that it is today.


While Tsalaxa gives the outward appearance of adhering to the Merchant’s Code, it is generally known as a nest of vipers and conspirators whose spies and assassins are without peer. Notorious at getting even with those who have slighted them, Tsalaxa has produced the popular Drajian proverb of “Never cross the dragon or House Tsalaxa”.
Blackmail, kidnapping, and assassination are part of Tsalaxa’s trade practices. Tsalaxa’s credo is that of the fit survive, the rest die.

Allied Houses

  • House Stel.

Enemy Houses

  • House Wavir.

Specialty Goods

Tsalaxa specializes in trading artwork, ornate weapons, and slaves.


  • Fort Ebon: Supply point between Draj and Raam.
  • Fort Kalvis: Supply and trading post in the verdant belt between Gulg and Altaruk.
  • Rumishʹs Rock Trading Outpost 30 miles southeast of Lost Oasis.
  • Ablath: Trade village located near an oasis 20 miles southwest of Silver Spring.




*Ydris Tsalaxa (Male human) has ruled for the past 50 years and shows no signs of weakening. Well over 70 years in age, Ydris is intuitive, sly and sometimes cruel in his dealings with others. He is commonly adorned in red and yellow robes.


  • Yarsha Tsalaxa (Female human) is the intelligent granddaughter of Ydris. Standing almost six feet tall with long black hair Yasha is stunningly beautiful. She has begun to formulate a plan to seize control of the house from her grandfather when the time is right.
  • Bartis (Male human) is a former gladiator who now serves as a guard and military consultant for Tsalaxa and has been so for 20 years. While not incredibly bright, his grasp of military tactics is without question. His loyalty to Tsalaxa and Ydris is unwavering.
  • Kargash (Male human defiler) is House Tsalaxa expert on espionage and causing mayhem. Demented to the core, Kargash uses his magic to inflict pain and suffering to others and seeks to increase Tsalaxaʹs power base along the way.
  • Garchom (Male half‐giant) is captain to Ydrisʹs personal half‐giant bodyguards. Intelligent by half‐giant standards, he is extremely loyal to Tsalaxa and follows orders unquestioningly.

House Tsalaxa

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