House Stel

Stel, like its home city‐state of Urik, is militaristic in nature. Specializing in spoils of war such as slaves, stolen cargo, weapons, and, on occasion, hostages for ransom. While the merchant house also engages in legitimate trade, Stel is infamous for its aggressive and violent practices.


Black & White Banner.


Urik, Ft. Courage, Ft. Iron, Ft. Sandol; Single office in Balic, Altaruk, & Wallis.


3,000 warriors, no slaves.

Specialty Goods and Routes

Main routes to Ringing Forest, Ogo‐Makla‐Urik‐ Raam‐Draj. Exporting ceramics, gold, weapons, art & slaves; importing grains, iron.

Treatment of Employees

United by prosperity.

Caravan Complement, Village & City, Emporiums & Outposts

Armored kank or crodlu riders, lightly armored scouts, elite raider mercenaries trained in stealth, elven archers, variety of troops. Outposts armed like fortresses. Major outposts in all northern cities & many villages; token presence in Balic & Southern towns.

Diplomacy & Tactics

Known for dealing in Urikʹs spoils of war: Gold, slaves, stolen cargo. Offers mercenary services and even dabbles in kidnapping for ransom. Awful relations with other trade houses, great relations with sorcerer kings, especially Hamanu. Main routes to Ringing Forest, Ogo‐Makla‐Urik‐ Raam‐Draj. Exporting ceramics, gold, weapons, art & slaves; importing grains, iron.


Stel was founded by a small band of warriors and gladiators nearly 300 years ago. If not for their leader, a mercenary named Korvo Stel, and the good graces of Urik’s sorcerer‐king the house would not have prospered.
Korvo’s control over Stel was later usurped by a psion named Iol, who pulled the house from the brink of financial ruin. Rumor has it that Iol was the cause of Korvo’s mysterious death.
Presently, Stel is controlled by the descendants of Iol and Korvo. Any ill will that may have existed has since been put aside for the betterment of the house.


Stel’s aggressive nature and militant demeanor has earned it the enmity of other merchants. Many rivals regard House Stel to be nothing more than a pack of bandits under the guise of a genuine merchant house due to it’s raiding practices.
In contrast, Stel strives to be on good terms with the sorcerer‐kings. City law is to be obeyed without question, and engaging in the smuggling or trade of illegal goods is to be avoided.

Allied Houses

  • House Wavir.

Enemy Houses

  • Houses Tsalaxa and Inika

Specialty Goods

Stel primarily trades in slaves, weapons, ceramics, iron, and plundered cargoes.


  • Fort Courage: Supply point and military base near the Smoking Crown on the route between Urik and Malkla.
  • Fort Iron: Supply point and military installation 30 miles west of Silver Spring.
  • Fort Sandol: Outpost and trading post in the Tablelands 50 miles north of Gulg.




  • Hargan Stel III (Male human) is a battle‐scarred grizzled warrior with an iron‐gray beard. A man of his word, Hargan is a loyal individual who lives by the warrior’s code. He is quick to trade war stories with those he deems as seasoned soldiers.


  • Tara Stel (Female human rogue) is the most likely successor to Hargan. She is a young dark‐haired woman with a muscular physique and clad in rare metal armor. It is no secret that she harbors a deep hatred of King Hamanu and his militaristic ambitions.
  • Terric Avan (Male human) is House Stel’s lead desert scout and caravan guard. He has been serving Stel since birth. Commonly adorned in sand‐colored garb, Terric is one of Hargan’s closest military confidants.

House Stel

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