House Shom

House Shom is the lead trade consortium in Nibenay. Ancient and decedent, Shom’s rulers have strayed from their house’s modest beginnings. Infamous for acts of depravity that rival those of the sorcerer‐kings, Shom stands on the edge of destruction as its house grows old and slowly deteriorates into obscurity.


3 Silver Dragonflies on a red‐and‐black, diagonally divided field.


Raam, Ft. Firstwatch, Ft. Isus, Ft. Xalis, Jalaka, (secret cac Nibenay, Ft. Melidor, Ft. Inix, Ft. Sunset, Cromlin, Balic.


2,000 warriors, no slaves.

Specialty Goods and Routes

Nibenese Obsidian, Rice, Water, lumber, weapons, art, minor objects.

Treatment of Employees

Wonderful pay, virtually no advancement, intrigue & double‐dealing among employees. Nasty to competent new agents.

Caravan Complement, Village & City, Emporiums & Outposts

Kreen, halfling, armored giants, poor and varied organization.

Diplomacy & Tactics

Hardly recognize that other houses exist. Tends to move too little and too late.


Shom’s origins stretch back thousands of years and its beginnings are lost to antiquity. Historians are certain that Shom started as a small house lacking in assets and ambition. It wasn’t until a youthful merchant known as Kys took control after the mysterious deaths of his grandfather and mother that Shom began to accumulate in power.
Through centuries of employing unusual allies ranging from packs of thri‐kreen to tribes of belgoi, Shom continued to increase its profits, earning them the enmity of other merchant houses.


Shom chooses to ignore other trade houses, feeling that they are insignificant and not worthy of their notice. This does not sit well with the other houses, who are waiting like lirr for the trade empire’s highly anticipated collapse.

Allied Houses

  • None

Enemy Houses

  • Most other merchant houses particularly Stel.

Specialty Goods

Shom specializes in the trade of obsidian, rice, water, and wood.


  • Fort Melidor: Supply point located near the Lost Oasis.
  • Fort Inix: Supply and storage point 30 miles east of Nibenay.
  • Fort Sunset: A tiny outpost located in the Ringing Mountains.
  • Cromlin: Trade village located on the shore of the Sea of Silt, 30 miles west of Giustenal.




  • Giovvo Shom (Male human) is the master of House Shom. He is a rotund man prone to wearing extravagant and priceless robes, imbibing large quantities of alcohol, and wagering vast amounts of gold on gladiatorial games.


  • Temmnya Shom (Female human defiler) is the stunningly beautiful and hedonistic daughter of Giovvo. Given to wearing revealing clothing of black and red. She is recently involved in a plot along with Farlahn Mordis to discredit her brother Jebea.
  • Jebea Shom (Male human fighter) is the charismatic son of Shom’s patriarch Giovvo. Deceivingly frail, Jeba is a proficient warrior. He currently seeks to reestablish Shom to its former glory against the desires of his relatives.
  • Farlahn Mordis (Male human) is one of Shom’s lead agents. Roguishly attractive, yet totally without scruples, Farlahn seeks to preserve his luxurious lifestyle he has obtained with House Shom. Vehemently opposed to Jebea’s ideas for the house’s future, he has entered into an alliance with Temmnya to dispose of the young trader.

House Shom

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