House J'ayan

House J’ayan is in Nibenay. The patriarch is Hadarai J’ayan who is influential in Nibenay despite the Eladrin still being considered an exotic minority. Hadrai’s wife died from an unknown illness when Naivara was young, and Naivara has no memories of her. Hadrai has a brother, uncles, aunts and cousins, nephews and nieces, but Naivara is his only child.

House J’ayan is not averse to merchant propsperity, but its dealings are far more wide-ranging than that. In fact its main enterprise is just that, deals. If there is a speculative way to prosper themselves and the city, they are likely to be involved. But they have a strong Eladrin ethic, and frown on the seedier side of business in Nibenay, with its corruption and opulence. Some whisper that there is no way that House J’ayan could have become as successful as it has without some other leverage in the city, but no-one can lay any wrong-doing at their door.

So Naivara was born in Nibenay, a wealthy and powerful city-state about 300 miles east of Tyr. Her father is a noble in the city, as her family have been for several generations, though how her descendants first arrived in Nibenay is shrouded in mystery. Eladrin are rare in the city, but her father’s status gave the family privileges, albeit under the eye of the sorcerer-king (also called Nibenay). One of the privileges was that Naivara was granted access to study at the Walker of the Exalted Path monastery. This was an institution dedicated to the pursuit of psionic power for gifted students, and Naivara was one of their best. The monastery taught that acceptance of authority was paramount, for to do otherwise places too much emphasis on the self.

Her father, Hadarai J’ayan, hoped that the monastery would give Naivara the discipline to avoid the decadence that permeated so much of the Nibenese nobility. He told her that their distant ancestors were from the Lands Within the Wind, also known as the Feywild. Nether he nor Naivara has ever been to these distant outposts, and their existence is denied by most other races. But Naivara accepts the truth that there may be larger gatherings of her people than the few Eladrin families in Nibenay, and hopes one day to discover their whereabouts.

Such was Naivara’s life as a young woman. Each day was dedicated to long hours of mental training and discipline as she honed her innate psionic gifts. She was destined to rise high as a Psion and serve Nibenay well. Naivara, however, met a young merchant from one of the few other Eladrin families, named Aramil. They fell in love, even though her father disapproved of the relationship. He felt that Aramil and his parents had abandoned the dignity of the Eladrin race, and become too seduced by the merchant excesses. To be truthful, this was the case for Aramil’s parents, but Aramil himself was just trying to make a living.

Six weeks ago, Aramil was captured by slave-traders while on a merchant trip. It is not known who the slave-traders were, or where Aramil has been taken. Unknown to her father or the monastery leaders, Naivara fled her home city, distraught and with only one aim in mind….to find Aramil

House J'ayan

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