House Inika

House Inika, the chief trade house in Gulg, is the smallest of the major houses found in the Tyr Region. The house specializes in small valuable cargoes. Due to this practice, Inika has managed to prosper far more than a house of its size would otherwise achieve.


Inika’s emblem is a simple gold circle on a black filed.


Inika was founded more than three centuries ago by form agent of House Riben named Taro Inika, Ordinarily, Taro would have been dealt with severely for breaking his merchant’s oath, however, his romantic liaisons with the house’s matriarch, Biria Riben, stayed her hand from bringing Riben’s wrath upon the new house.




Andiama Inika (female human) has been house matriarch for the past 18 years. Her friendly yet firm demeanor has earned the unquestioning loyalty of her family and agents.


  • Fort Adros: Supply point between Walis and Altaruk.
  • Fort Harbeth: Located in the foothills southwest of the Mekillot Mountains.
  • Fort Skonz: Supply point at the crossroads between Tyr, Altaruk, and Silver Spring.
  • Shazlin: Trade village located along the southern tip of Dragon’s Bowl between Raam and Silver Spring.

Traded goods

Inika primarily trades in kola nuts, spices, precious gems, feathers and other small but valuable items. In staying with small cargoes, Inika is able to keep their caravans small and fast.


  • Ranis Inika (N female half‐elf bard 14, poisonmaster 4) is the most trusted and dangerous member of House Inika. She was brought into the family after saving Andiama’s life.
  • Shallin Losya (N female human telepath 18) is the chief psion of House Inika. She is responsible for training younger house psions, but occasionally undertakes missions that take her outside of Gulg.
  • Tomak Reslin (LN male mul gladiator 13, arena champion 6) is the lead bodyguard to Andiama Inika. He was purchased and granted his freedom by Andiama herself. In return he has served her faithfully.


Inika’s two major philosophies are; that force is to be used only as a last resort, and that strategic withdrawal to a superior position are often the best practices. Inika is far more likely to engage in intrigue and backroom dealing than to conduct open warfare against an enemy. Cordial relations are maintained at all times even during the most intensive rivalries.

House Inika

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