“You, friend, have been given a great honor. To see the Father is a rare blessing bestowed on only the worthiest souls. What’s that you say? Sacrifice? Oh, yes—yes, indeed, you will be sacrificed. Now don’t struggle so. To have your heart claimed by a god what a gift!”

-Huemac, moon priest attendant

Draj is a backwater city-state held firmly in the grasp of a mad sorcerer-king. Draj has never known peace, for warfare and conflict are among its highest ideals. Warriors hold power, and their vaunted status is something all aspire to attain. When not waging war against Raam or defending their home from reprisals or conquest, Draji raiders prowl the surrounding wastes, plundering villages for fresh slaves to replace those expended in labor or sacrifice.

Draj owes its sinister nature to its sorcerer-king. Tectuktitlay, the Father of Life, is a pervasive pres ence in the city-state. His visage adorns walls and buildings, his symbol ripples on banners, and his templars (known as moon priests) are everywhere, enforcing his laws and instructing the people in his perfect divinity. No one would suggest it, but in fact, the sorcerer-king’s features have little majesty. Tec tuktitlay has narrow eyes, a wide nose, heavy jowls, and round, pouty lips. Other regal images include the feathered serpent found on banners carried by sol diers in war. The jasuan, or ambush drake, also has a place of prominence in Draj.

Tectuktitlay’s influence is so insidious that most Draji dare not question his divinity, doubt the deeds attributed to him, or disobey the commands given by his moon priests. All citizens know that dissent invites the sorcerer king’s ire, and his anger can be quelled only by blood sacrifice.


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