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  • The Race to Tyr!

    Eyes narrowed in concentration, Naivara manoeuvred the treasure chests one by one up out of the cave, following a few steps behind as they floated along. The sand below each sealed box swirled gently as the edge of her psionic field passed over it. A few …

  • Silver_Spring_Oasis

    Silver Spring oasis has long stood as a vital stop on the trade route between Urik and Tyr. Its longevity in a desert filled with dangerous monsters and brutal ban- dits is a testament to the skill of the Silver Hand elves who have guarded the fortified …

  • Toramund

    Leader of the Silver Hand Elves at the Silver Spring Oasis. Meeting with this elf is hard as he does not like the sight of other races, considering them of lesser quality.

  • Iseel

    While in Altaruk, the characters are approached by an elven woman named Iseel who claims to be a relative of the fearsome Silver Hand chieftain. She says she has information about the chieftain’s son but refuses to tell the characters what this …