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  • Balic

    “In Balk, we treasure our freedoms. You are free to speak as you will. Of course, Andropinis is also free to speak as he will, which might very well be an order for your execution. Chooseyour words with care, my friend.”


    After some research into the missing people he had been asked to look into he has recently come into some information. Under Rhotan's Request he has sent a messenger to the city state of Tyr with the information and is to wait there for his arrival.

  • Wil Thomson (KIA)

    Born in the lands around the city state of Balic to an ex legionnaire and a local woman. He grew up on the farm that his father had received for services during his legionary‚Äôs career, as he had been a great fighter. Reluctantly Will was conscripted …