Yarnath the Skull

Mul Defiler


A century ago he used a powerful ritual to create a crawling citadel of bone in the wastes south of Tyr. The ritual took an unexpected turn and drained his life as well as those of the slaves he identified for sacrifice. He passed into undeath and became a powerful lich.
Despite the unforeseen sacrifice, his ritual succeeded in animating the fortified palace of Slither to serve as his roving citadel. Slither is built from the gargantuan skeletons of seven mekillot dirts bound together by beams of fused bone. Turrets and sharp spires of bone rise crookedly from the dirk-shell structure, which slowly crawls across sand wastes, scrub plains, salt flats, and rigid foothills with equal facility.

Seeking the “Face in the Stone Ruins” and has his raiders have been harassing caravans travelling North of Tyr for information about the shrine.

Yarnath the Skull

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