Rhotan Vor

Wavir trademaster


Balican Dwarf

Rhotan Vor is the head of House Wavir’s trade post in Altaruk.

He is average in height for a Dwarf and has always a rigid posture. He appears quite to be doing quite well for himself and shows so with simple jewellery. He seems quite worn by the environment from his past and has a limp.

He displays a friendly, outgoing demeanor, especially when dealing with customers.

He treats people in his employment well for a merchant as long as they do as he asks.
However, he is known to have a fierce temper and when he doesn’t get his way, and he makes sure he always gets his way.


Head of the Wavir tradepost in Altaruk

Rhotan is fiercely loyal to House Wavir, who has been kind to him in turn, and makes no secret that he plans to leave Altaruk behind and head his house’s trade posts in one of the city-states some day soon.

Rhotan is very protective of those in his employ and hates to lose a member of his caravans to the wastes, but he is also practical enough to know that searching for them would likely only lead to more losses.

The people he hired recently have begun to go back on their word it seems in his eyes and he has come to wonder if they are the people for the job. As security he has sent word to Tyr that he should arrive there with orders if he has not. Also the House Wavir were informed of this in The Silver Spring Oasis, a small group of them have been following him as a small form of protection, keeping out of sight

Having seen the evils that lay in the vault and how the adventurers managed to deal with them he has regained some respect for them once again

Rhotan Vor

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