Gwen (MIA)

Gwen is 17, a rogue


gwen likes make-up, a girls got to look her best and it’s hard in such a hot,dry climate. She wanted to be a dancer but daddy said no, so she ran away. She has the impulsive nature of youth, but is not a bad person, just a bit wayward and cheeky


Poor Gwen.
Now she knows just why dear old daddy did not want her to become a dancer.
She is in a state of schock………..dancing in a tavern for her own pleasure, she has had a rude awakening….it’s a man’s world, men look and clap, and then say she is a whore; yet try to buy her favour.
After the first day on the road, she is vacant, distracted…………if you speak to her, she stares right through you, unblinking.
After the second day, she goes looks bitter and answers in sharp sentences.
After the third day, she is more responsive. But there is a hardened look in her eyes. She is not wise, being only 17, and has made the mistakes of youth. But she is not stupid either.

“Don’t touch me. Stay AWAY from me!”

The next male who propositions her will be castrated……….if he is very, very lucky.

“I’m Gwen.I’m back. I’m mad. And I’m going to get even with you bastards”

Look out, Dark Sun……….

Gwen (MIA)

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