Darom Madar


House Madar was once a successful merchant operation involved in the livestock trade. It was crushed in a trade war against its rival, House Tsalaxa, over a hundred years ago. House Tsalaxa is still an active merchant house and has all but cornered the livestock trade in the Tablelands.

House Madar was not crushed by competition but wiped out by hired assassins in the pay of House Tsalaxa. It is rumored that the head of House Madar, Darom, hid their vast wealth some- where in the Tablelands before the destruction of his house was complete. With no living descendants, the location of the treasure–if it ever even existed–is lost to time.

A dark legend states that many House Madar elders, including Darom Madar him- self, were sealed into a hidden vault along with the treasure. The legend further states that Darom and those buried with him stand eternal vigil against any who would defile their tomb.

There have been some sounds outside his vault recently which have awoken him from his slumber…

Slain in his inner sanctum he vanished away leaving no trace..

Darom Madar

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